Why All Natural Skincare Might Not Actually Be A Good Thing

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If your goal is to only use all natural skincare products, we absolutely salute you. Our only question is; how?

While all natural, 100% organic, preservative-free skincare sounds like perfection, it isn’t really possible, and definitely not sustainable.

If your skincare products contain water, then it is a breeding ground for possible bacteria. While water may sound pure and clean, it won’t necessarily stay that way for the duration of you using the product.

All natural skincare products can become unsafe for use if they have no preservatives, really rather quickly. Meaning you either have to use it all up fast or throw a lot of it away. This is why accepting that some preservatives are needed to have a sustainable skincare regime is important.

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Not all preservatives were created equal

While preservative-free skincare is not currently attainable, there are some natural preservatives on the market. However, these have a few issues of their own. Natural preservatives are usually not as effective as synthetic preservatives, meaning they don’t protect against a broad spectrum of microbes and won’t give your product a long shelf life.

Other companies rely heavily on their uses of “fragrances”. Now, these fragrances may be natural or synthetic. Some common natural fragrances that spring to mind are essential oils. You might be thinking “Great, essential oils are good for my skin and will control the bacteria in my skincare”, but that isn’t necessarily true. A lot of essential oils are quite strong and pungent and can have adverse effects on the skin, especially if you have particularly sensitive skin or suffer from things like eczema or psoriasis.

This is why we have chosen to avoid using them in our skincare products and have instead opted to use the best synthetic preservative on the market.

Max pouring milk on DromeDairy Body + Skin farm

What is in DromeDairy Body + Skin products?

As we use raw camel milk, we obviously needed something to make the products safe to use and ensure they have a long shelf life.

When we started DromeDairy, we had a dream of using camel milk, a superfood, in it’s raw and purest form, untouched by extreme heats or pressures, so that all of the goodness in the milk goes directly into your skin. We have never deviated from this dream, and all of our products use raw camel milk as their main ingredient.

The other option, which we never even entertained, was to pasturise the milk, but this would have taken away all of the wonderful benefits of camels milk.

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So, we opted for a synthetic preservative. We found the perfect balance between nature and science by combining all-natural products like camel milk, aloe vera, jojoba oil and shea butter with a preservative that will leave you confident in the safety and longevity of your products.

We ensure that our preservative is only a tiny fraction of the ingredients in your products. They are also free from parabens, SLS, parrafin, artificial colours and only contain gentle frangrances and are pH balanced.

Who can safely use the products?


We pride ourselves on only providing products with the best ingredients. We also ensure that those ingredients are safe and gentle enough for the whole family.

Family time on DromeDairy Body + Skin farm

Our baby son Tim used to suffer from dry, inflamed skin behind his ears, as well as nappy rash. We decided to apply our Camel Milk Hand + Body Lotion. Instantly his skin was so much softer, and the nappy rash was soothed! After a week of using the lotion once a day, Tim never had to deal with dry skin behind his ears again.

The same goes for Max’s seeing eye dog, Forest. Forest suffered from itchy skin caused by allergies. We noticed an immediate improvement after using the lotion and after a week the red, itchy and inflamed skin was back to normal.

Max + Forest, all natural skincare

Our products are also excellent for anyone with skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, as they deeply nourish and hydrate your skin.

How committed are we to bringing you the best products?

In Australia, all products must be deemed “safe” but the definition of safe is a little grey.

We decided to leave no grey area at all when it came to our camel milk products and did multiple testing on all of them. This included extensive Microbial Testing, Preservative Efficacy Testing and Stability Testing. We passed all testing with flying colours. So, you can be sure that our products are safe to use and will be effective until the very last drop.

DromeDairy Body + Skin: All natural skincare, with a twist

So, now that you understand the need for such a preservative in our otherwise all natural skincare, we are proud to showcase the products from our newest collection: The Feel Good Collection.

DromeDairy Camel Milk Body + Skin The Feel Good Collection

The Feel Good Collection ($115.00) features the full line up of our camel milk shampoo, conditioner, hand + body wash and lotion, bar of soap and lip balm. All of these are made with camel milk from the happy camels on our family farm in the Perth Hills.

All of the products in The Feel Good Collection are also sold individually, with prices ranging from $8.99 to $29.99.

Visit our online store for more information.

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