The Feel Good Collection.


Nourish your Body + Skin, naturally.

We’ve perfected the balance between nature + science to create a range of camel milk body + skin products.

At DromeDairy Body + Skin we are focused on research, innovation and best practice to produce quality camel milk body + skin products and ensure that the amazing benefits of camel milk are delivered directly to your skin.


We produce natural skincare that works, feels luxurious, smells great and feels nice on your skin.

natural camel milk skin care product
Camels on DromeDairy Body + Skin farm


We care for nature + our animals.


We use only the best quality ingredients to produce quality products.

Natural ingredients for camel milk body + skin products

To achieve this, we only use pure, fresh camel milk, sourced straight from our own happy camels, that has not been treated with high temperatures, pressure or chemicals. So, all the goodness of the milk goes straight into our skin care products.

Camel milk is packed with a powerful mix of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids that act as a superfood for your hair + skin.


Instant and long-lasting hydration for your hair + skin.


Effective but gentle cleansing which can be used by the whole family.


Active ingredients to protect and regenerate your hair + skin.

Special immunising proteins only found in camel milk have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Their unique molecular structure enables them to reach the lower layers of your skin and hair, making the camel milk so effective in soothing, healing and protecting your body + skin; ideal for sensitive and problematic skin, and so gentle you can even use it on your baby.

The camel milk is teamed with carefully selected 100% natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin B5, that are proven to work and ensure that your body and skin are getting everything they need!