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Australian Camel Milk Skincare Line Launched


We are very excited to officially launch our first Australian Camel Milk Skincare range and introduce DromeDairy Body + Skin, an ethically run camel dairy farm located on the outskirts of Perth since 2015. Camel Milk Body + Skin Products We’ve perfected the balance between nature + science to create a range of camel milk […]

Products For Older Skin: What Should You Be Using?

products for older skin camel milk skincare

If you are looking for products for older skin, you will no doubt find a multitude of different options; but how do you know what actually works for you and your skin? There are so many different creams, serums, cleansers and face washes on the market, all claiming to make your skin look healthier and […]

Sulphate Free Skincare? Choose Camel Milk Products

sulphate free skincare, camel milk skincare, ethical skincare, natural skincare

Sulphate free skincare has become very popular in recent years, and it is easy to see why. While you might have been following the trend of avoiding sulphates in your skin and hair care regimes, do you really know why? What are sulphates? Sulphates are commonly represented as SLS on ingredients lists. SLS includes sodium […]

Why All Natural Skincare Might Not Actually Be A Good Thing

is all natural skincare actually a good thing, are essential oils bad for you, natural skincare, camel milk skincare

If your goal is to only use all natural skincare products, we absolutely salute you. Our only question is; how? While all natural, 100% organic, preservative-free skincare sounds like perfection, it isn’t really possible, and definitely not sustainable. If your skincare products contain water, then it is a breeding ground for possible bacteria. While water […]

The Perfect Conditioner For Frizzy Hair? Camel Milk Conditioner Is It!

perfect conditioner for frizzy hair, camel milk hair care, camel milk skincare, benefits of camel milk, conditioner

Anyone who’s hair is less than co-operative has searched high and low for the perfect conditioner for frizzy hair. You’re bombarded with images of women and men with luscious flowing locks and thought “why doesn’t my hair look like that?”. If that sounds like you, we have a message for you. Firstly, you’re perfect the […]

Affordable Skincare: Camel Milk Soap Bars for Under $9

affordable skincare, affordable skin care, camel milk skincare, camel milk, benefits of camel milk, ethical skincare

These days, looking for affordable skincare that is still luxurious, hydrating and smells great is like finding a needle in a haystack! But search no longer, my friends. DromeDairy Body + Skin is a new Western Australian company making high-end camel milk skincare at a fraction of the price. Camel milk is intensely hydrating due […]

DromeDairy Body + Skin: the safe and ethical beauty products of your dreams

health benefits of camel milk, camel milk, camel milk skincare, natural skincare, ethical skincare

In a time where each of us has become more earth-conscious (for good reason), more and more of us are only buying and using ethical beauty products on our skin. Ethical beauty products can have a few different variations and interpretations, but at its core, ethical beauty means that your products cost the earth nothing. For […]

The Surprising Health Benefits of Camel Milk in your Skincare Regime

health benefits of camel milk, camel milk, camel milk skincare, natural skincare, ethical skincare

Many people do not know about the wonderful health benefits of camel milk, but even fewer know how amazing this ingredient can be when incorporated in your skincare regime. In a growing and emerging market, the wonderful health benefits of camel milk mean that it is featuring as a key ingredient in high-quality skincare – but […]