The Perfect Conditioner For Frizzy Hair? Camel Milk Conditioner Is It!

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Anyone who’s hair is less than co-operative has searched high and low for the perfect conditioner for frizzy hair.

You’re bombarded with images of women and men with luscious flowing locks and thought “why doesn’t my hair look like that?”. If that sounds like you, we have a message for you.

Firstly, you’re perfect the way you are, so don’t go comparing yourself – but if, and we say if, your frizzy hair does bother you then we might have the solution.

Camel Milk Conditioner from DromeDairy Body + Skin is superbly moisturising and deeply infuses your hair with nutrients and vitamins to give it some life and vitality.

Camel Milk Conditioner – the perfect conditioner for frizzy hair

Camel Milk skin and hair care products are very unique. This is due to the molecular structure of the milk itself. As the molecules are much smaller than traditional beauty ingredients, it absorbs deeper into the skin and hair, instantly moisturising.

Packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, camel milk hydrates, repairs and energises your hair. Its unique immune proteins and abundance in omega-oils, moisturise, protect and nourish your hair, follicles and scalp, gentle and naturally, for lustrous, strong and healthy looking hair.

The camel milk is teamed with carefully selected 100% natural ingredients, including Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5 that are proven to leave your hair well hydrated, full-bodied and extra soft.

With its exfoliating and calming properties, it also reduces dandruff and has a soothing effect for a healthy scalp and strong, beautiful hair.

Camel Milk Conditioner – $29.99

Camel Milk Conditioner is perfect for frizzy hair! Suitable for all hair types and is made right here in WA.

DromeDairy Camel Milk Body + Skin Conditioner

For best results, pair it with our Camel Milk Shampoo. Or don’t, we’re not your parents, you can do what you like. But if you’re interested in how hydrating and restorative our shampoo is too…

Camel Milk Shampoo – $29.99

Suitable for all hair types. Made in WA.

DromeDairy Camel Milk Body + Skin Shampoo

And for the economical among you…

Camel Milk Hair Care Package – $55.00

Camel Milk Hair Care Package

Don’t forget, you can enjoy a whopping 15% OFF your order at checkout, just while pre-sale lasts! Just enter code: 15%OFFdromedairy.

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